Residential Program

The Elizabeth House

Care Net’s residential program, The Elizabeth House, supports pregnant single mothers ages 18 and older. For nine to twelve months, we provide a safe and secure environment for mothers to become emotionally healthy and self-sufficient members of the community, while building life skills that will enable each young mom to secure employment, housing, manage money and foster sound decision making while learning effective parenting skills.

Individualized Program Support Areas

  1. Money management – learn how to make a budget, balance a check book, and make your dollars stretch by learning the difference between wants and needs.
  2. Nutrition Education – learn how to make healthy balanced meals for yourself and your child and how to make meal time fun for your growing baby.
  3. Pregnancy and Infant Care
  4. Childbirth Education
  5. Parenting Toddlers & Beyond – Learn how to maintain your physical and emotional health, and ways to promote your baby’s overall development through daily care routines, toys and books, and building a trusting relationship. Meet with a Social Worker each week and learn what to look for in developmental milestones.
  6. Relationship Education – Learn how to have healthy positive relationships and establish boundaries for yourself.
  7. Spiritual Growth – Christ is the foundation of The Elizabeth House program. Learn what the Word of God has to say about community living and everyday life experiences.

“I don’t know where I’d be without The Elizabeth House. I was able to sit down and analyze what I was going to do in life and how I was going to take care of me and my baby.”

Former Resident of The Elizabeth House

Wondering about openings at The Elizabeth House? Please visit The Elizabeth House website or call us at (608) 259-1605 ext. 205 to inquire about openings and to begin the application process.

Download a flyer about The Elizabeth House.