Practical Fatherhood

Fathers play a very important role in their children’s lives.

While fathers are invited to attend and participate in all of our education programs, First Care Clinic also has a curriculum specifically designed for dads. Practical Fatherhood is a series of up to 10 lessons, in a one to one format.

Topics include:

Session 1: Real Time
Session 2: Role Models
Session 3: Respect for Mothers
Session 4: The Dad Difference Vol. 1
Session 5: Being a Leader
Session 6: A Discipline Foundation
Session 7: Discipline Guidelines
Session 8: Situational Discipline
Session 9: Being Consistent
Session 10: The Dad Difference Vol. 2

With each session you attend, you earn vouchers which can be used in our Beginnings Boutique to acquire new baby and maternity items or personal items for dad and mom.

Additionally, fathers can meet with male mentors who can share what it means to be a caring dad today.

Interested in finding out more about Practical Fatherhood? Text or call us at 608-259-1605 for an appointment.