Abortion Recovery Services for Men

  • What’s wrong with me? I thought we were making the right choice.
  • Why am I so sad? And angry?

Most people think of abortion as a women’s issue, but research suggests that men, too, may experience a profound sense of loss following an abortion. After a partner’s abortion, a man may struggle with any of these problems or emotions:

Relationship problems

Given the magnitude of their loss, it is normal for men to struggle with these problems and emotions.

It is also not uncommon for men to repress their own negative emotions as they try to be a strong support for their partners. If these emotions are not resolved, they may lead to more serious consequences such as clinical depression or an inability to maintain healthy relationships.

It is common for men to defer the abortion decision to their partners and to keep their own thoughts and desires to themselves. While men may believe that is the best way to support their partners, it actually hinders the open communication needed during an unintended pregnancy. When a man doesn’t share his thoughts and feelings about the pregnancy, his partner is likely to assume that he doesn’t care what she decides or that he wants her to abort. This can lead to a tragic and irreversible outcome that neither partner really wanted.

First Care Clinic offers post abortion consultations for men as well as for women. As with all of our services, this consultation is free of charge and confidential. If you are a man who has been wounded by abortion, whether father, grandfather, brother, uncle or friend, we can help to restore hope and find healing.

Please text or call us at 608-259-1605 for further information or to make an appointment. We will connect you with an individual peer advocate or small group, depending on your preference.

First Care Clinic offers consultations and evidence-based medical education about abortion and other pregnancy options; however, we do not offer or refer for abortion services. Our medical personnel are available to help answer any questions you may have.

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