Carol, RN

Everybody Loves Carol

Everybody loves Carol.

So many patients on their exit reviews wrote their thanks to this caring nurse who serves in our clinic.

Here are a few recent comments from Carol’s patients:

 “Thank you so much for making my visit here very comfortable, especially my nurse Carol.”

“Carol was very kind, amazing.”

“My nurse, Carol, was so understanding and so helpful. She made me feel so comfortable.”

In case you have not yet met Carol, let me introduce you.

Carol has been nursing for over 50 years. When she was just eight years old, her grandfather told her she should be a nurse. She took it to heart and has “never regretted it. I don’t want to be anything else – even in my retirement.” Carol loves nursing!

Carol began her nursing career working in the intensive care unit of a hospital and next did psychiatric nursing. After those, Carol was a public health nurse, which is how she spent most of her career.

In the 1990’s, Carol became a clinic nurse and while there, in 1999, went back to school and became a Nurse Practitioner. She created a position for herself at the clinic where she worked. This rural clinic had never had a Nurse Practitioner before and were a little skeptical. But they knew Carol and moved ahead with her in this new role. Carol also taught nursing students after she became a Nurse Practitioner.

Carol officially retired about 10 years ago but loved nursing too much to end her nursing career. She began volunteering at a pregnancy clinic in northern Wisconsin.

Carol moved to Madison from northern Wisconsin in 2012 – and began serving at First Care Clinic soon after her arrival in Madison.

When Carol is not in our clinic, she loves spending time with her family, including four teenage and preteen grandchildren. She also loves to go camping, canoeing and hiking. She goes for lots of walks. She enjoys taking advantage of the arts opportunities available in Madison – the symphony, art shows, music and drama.

And Carol adds, “I enjoy sitting down with my feet up and reading a good book.” Her favorite genre is historical fiction but she enjoys reading a wide variety of good books. She especially likes to read books that her grandchildren are reading. Then they can talk about the books together.

Carol enjoys having an opportunity to help women and to walk alongside them as they make big decisions. “I love being a part of something –  it keeps me active.”


Rhonda is our clinic's Marketing and Communications Director. She has worked here for 13 years. When not working Rhonda enjoys being outdoors - especially hiking, biking and gardening - and music, reading, and spending time with family.

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