How We’ve Helped Others

What our clients are saying about us

“They were amazing. They answered all my questions. I felt comfortable — very comfortable talking about my situation.”

“The nurse was wonderful, kind, compassionate and explained everything very well.”

“I can’t believe how calming it is to be here.”

“The nurse told me everything I needed to know. I would strongly recommend First Care Clinic and I did to two of my friends…I liked everything…It made me feel like I’m home.”

“I was not judged! I was listened to; it was amazing.”

“The staff genuinely care about their patients.”

“The nurses make you feel comfortable.”

“I liked the options that were provided to me.”

“The services and staff are accessible, friendly and non-judgmental. I liked the non-judgmental atmosphere.”

“I appreciated the friendly staff, no invasive questions, amazing service.”

“I was not pressured to do anything.”

“The ultrasound showed me that the baby moves a lot and already is developing.”

“The nurse sonographer made me feel warm and I got to hear my child’s heartbeat.”

“At first, I thought getting pregnant was the worst thing that could happen to me. All I could think of was trying to find some way to undo what had happened…The people here at First Care Clinic have helped me find a new life.”

“What a safe haven you create for women in a very uncertain time.”

“I feel amazingly comfortable at First Care Clinic.”

“The one-on-one time we’ve received is invaluable.”