5 Things to Consider When Making a Pregnancy Decision

If you think you might be pregnant and you weren’t planning on it, your mind may be swirling with all kinds of thoughts. “I can’t be pregnant. Not now.” “I was on birth control. How is this possible?” “How can I care for another child?” “What about finishing school?” “How will I tell my parents?” … Continue reading 5 Things to Consider When Making a Pregnancy Decision

When Life is Hard – Be Thankful

Tips for Being Thankful Even When Things Aren’t Going So Well The coming of the holiday season can be a time of great joy for many. It can also be a time of stress, emotional challenges and difficult circumstances. Holidays with family can be a stressful time if family relationships are strained. Or if one … Continue reading When Life is Hard – Be Thankful

I Can’t Be Pregnant

“I can’t be pregnant. Not right now.” “I have plans. And I can’t afford a baby.” Perhaps you or someone you know is having thoughts like these. You may wonder what to do next. Should I have an abortion? Parent? Or maybe consider making an adoption plan? All of these sound like hard choices. Where … Continue reading I Can’t Be Pregnant

A Secret to Transform Your Relationship

After the birth of our second child, my husband and I struggled. Our relationship got harder as the demands on our time multiplied. During this time, we learned a “secret” that was part of what transformed our relationship. This remarkable idea was that each person feels and expresses love primarily in one or more of … Continue reading A Secret to Transform Your Relationship

Introducing Katie

Katie, our new Education Manager, has been a labor and postpartum doula since 2009. She is also a childbirth educator. Katie first volunteered for our clinic as a childbirth educator in 2011-2012. When Katie graduated from high school, she began working for the Salvation Army in their youth programming. In 2009, while taking a college … Continue reading Introducing Katie

Wondering How You Can Afford a Child?

Raising a child comes with expenses and commitments. Trying to make your budget work to care for a new baby can be a challenge. But there are ways to make it work — even if money is tight. Here are 7 ways to save money that can help you make ends meet with your growing … Continue reading Wondering How You Can Afford a Child?

Chloe’s “Best Decision She Ever Made”

Chloe* had been feeling really sick for about six weeks – so sick she spent most of her time on the couch. A medical appointment found nothing wrong and Chloe soon began to feel better. Chloe and her best friend, Allison*, decided to vacation in the Madison area. While on the drive, Allison asked Chloe … Continue reading Chloe’s “Best Decision She Ever Made”

Think You Might Be Pregnant?

Being pregnant can be an exciting, scary or overwhelming time – especially if you think you might be pregnant and weren’t intending to become pregnant right now. Even if you feel like your world is a bit out of control, there are people who can help you figure out whether or not you’re pregnant and … Continue reading Think You Might Be Pregnant?

Meet Tanis, Clinic Director

This week is National Nurses Week, which is celebrated every year beginning on May 6 and ending on May 12, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. During this week we would like to introduce you to our Clinic Director, Tanis Jean-Louis, RN. When Tanis finished high school, she planned to become an interior designer, but her plans changed … Continue reading Meet Tanis, Clinic Director

Questions about STDs?

Do you have questions about STDs? Or wonder if you might have one and not know it? April is STD Awareness Month. There is good reason to be aware of the risks associated with sexually transmitted diseases and infections. Infection rates in the United States continue to climb. Young people aged 15-24 account for about … Continue reading Questions about STDs?


Welcome to First Care Clinic, one of the most trusted women’s health clinics in Madison, WI for over 30 years! Our medical professional provide compassionate medical care, free of charge and confidentially. If you are experiencing signs of pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms or thinking about abortion, call us. We are available to discuss your options, listen to … Continue reading Welcome