24:7 Dad

What does it mean to be a father?

“Fathering and parenting is a family affair. To maximize effectiveness, all members must participate in family life.” (From 24:7 Dad workbook)

This 12-session small group study facilitated by a trained peer consultant is designed to “help fathers hone their fathering skills as they learn about themselves and their role with their children and in their families. Fathers will learn how to strengthen their relationship with their children and the mother of their children. They will learn how to care for themselves even as they learn how to better care for their children.”
Roland C. Warren, President, Care Net National, former President of National Fatherhood Initiative

Session 1: Family History
Session 2: What It Means to Be a Man
Session 3: Showing and Handling Feelings
Session 4: Men’s Health
Session 5: Communication
Session 6: The Father’s Role
Session 7: Discipline
Session 8: Children’s Growth
Session 9: Getting Involved
Session 10: Working with Mom and Co-Parenting
Session 11: Dads and Work
Session 12: Celebrate

Interested in joining a small group? Call 608-259-1605 or email us with your contact information and availability. We’ll let you know when the next group is forming.