Morning After Pill

How does it work?
When can I take it?
Can I use the ‘The Morning After Pill’ as a regular form of birth control?
How effective is it?
What is the difference between Plan B® and Ella®?

First Care Clinic can provide information on:

  • Types of emergency contraception available
  • How these pills work
  • Some of the possible side effects
  • What some of the risks are in taking Emergency Contraception

Before taking the “Morning After Pill” you should have your questions answered.  Come in to talk to someone about your questions so that you can make an informed decision.

“I was treated with respect and my questions were answered.”
— First Care Clinic Client 2016

First Care Clinic’s medical professionals can offer accurate information about all forms of birth control. We do not offer or refer for contraceptive services including Plan B® or Ella®.

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